1. Deposit

In addition to refurbished products, Bols Motoren also sells new and used products. Bols products are normally sold on an exchange basis. When we sell an engine or cylinder head, the replaced product should be returned. In order to facilitate this, Bols Motoren has developed a fast and efficient exchange system.

The exchange system is essential for an overhaul company, as used parts form the raw materials in our field of expertise. If we fail to receive the used parts back from our customers and are forced to locate these products ourselves, this results in production delays and higher costs.

In order to ensure that your Bols engine reaches you in mint condition, our engines are sent in specially developed frames. These frames are specially designed to protect goods from damage. Furthermore, they make it easy for you to return the replaced engine to us and thus receive a refund of your deposit*.

2. Deposit amount

We usually charge a 500 Euro deposit for an engine and a 200 Euro deposit for a cylinder head.

We reserve the right to deviate from these amounts for special product types and to change the amount of the deposit to the value of the old engine.

The amount charged will be refunded as soon as we have received the old part and have checked it for external damage*

Please note: The payment of a deposit does not provide exemption from failure to return the exchange part. If the old part is not returned, we reserve the right to charge an additional amount, depending on the value of the old engine.

3. Returns procedure

The replaced unit must be identical, complete and free of external cracks and damage in order to receive a full refund of your deposit. If the engine that you return to us does not meet these conditions, we kindly request that you mention this when you place your order. An old motor (core) always has some value. A partial refund of the deposit is possible: the amount depends on the degree of damage to the engine. In general, a minimum of half of the deposit is refunded. The frame is always of value to us. Therefore, in the most unfavourable situation, please return the empty frame to be eligible for a partial refund. 

What action are you required to take*?

  1. Place your old product in the packaging provided and package it in the same way as the new product that was delivered to you. Bols Motoren does not accept any disassembled units.
  2. Drain off the oil and coolants (if applicable) and do not forget to replace the drain plugs. Plastic caps can be mounted on your new product for protection. You are required to mount these caps on the used product before it is shipped to us. 
  3. Stick the yellow 'returns note old product', which you received with the delivery, on the old product. Please ensure that your address details are clearly visible.
  4. Contact your supplier, or send us an e-mail quoting the product number and invoice number. We will then arrange the return transport for your used product.
  5. You may return your used products up to six months after the date of purchase. Products returned after this date may not be credited.

4. Service procedure

All our products are processed and constructed with the utmost care, using modern technology and high-quality parts. Nevertheless, this is a technical product and irregularities may occur. In this event we are also at your service.

In order to support you with the correct information, we kindly request that you complete this form and return it to us. We will then contact you as soon as possible.

* All relevant matters are in compliance with Articles 1.6 - 1.12 of the ‘General Terms and Conditions of Delivery and Payment Bols Motoren B.V., Veghel’.