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Engine codes

Every engine in a car has its own engine code. This is also known as the engine number. This code provides information about the engine and the engine components associated with the particular type of car. When you need a replacement engine or swap your car engine, you can easily find your correct engine and engine parts via the engine code.

Engine codes do not have to be unique for each car brand and type of vehicle. It is possible that the same engine code is also used for an engine of another brand. For example, a Renault engine may have the same engine code as an engine of a Volvo. These engines can therefore be interchanged.

Searching your engine code

The search of an engine code of a car is not always easy. It is possible that the engine number has been covered by dirt, making it hard to find. The most common place to find the engine code is on the cylinder block or on the timing cover gasket. The engine code is often stamped on the engine itself and is corresponding with the VIN number. If you know the engine code, you can easily find the corresponding engine parts on our website.

Engine parts with engine codes

Each engine codes covers not only an engine but also its parts. For example, you can find shortblocks and cylinder heads of this type of engine. At Bols Motors you can find the engine and the parts via the searchbar by entering the engine code. Having trouble finding your engine code or parts? Start your search at your car manufacturer.