Refurbishment of engines

The refurbishment of engines is a special art.  Bols Motors are in control of this discipline like no other. Should your engine be in need of an overhaul, Bols Motors will refurbish your engine either completely or partially. Improvements in the source of power, your engine, can extend the life of your car by years. Thanks to their many years of experience Bols Motors can refurbish the engine and make it as good as new with the requisite care and professionalism.  Have a look in our catalogue at all the manufacturers for which we refurbish engines.

We have an enormous inventory of original parts at our fingertips and are continuously refurbishing engines. How do you benefit? Fast turn-around-time at competitive prices.

Refurbishment of cylinder heads

Sometimes instead of refurbishing the entire engine, it is sufficient to simply refurbish the cylinder heads. You can ask us to refurbish your existing cylinders, but you can also decide on an exchange. You can also get identical, but already refurbished cylinder heads from our inventory. This service is generally quicker than commissioned work.

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